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Real Estate

Why should you pay for professional real estate photography?

Clients view photos of a house before visiting, often before contacting an agent. Most won't even bother viewing a listing that doesn't offer photos. You need images that make their mouth drop, that make them imagine living in such a beautiful place, that make them say "this is the one!"

According to a 2010 Redfin study, professionally photographed properties sell for more money -- anywhere between $934-$18,819 more -- and receive 61% more online views than properties listed with amateur photos. 

True, smartphones take increasingly better photos every year. But there are many things your phone just can't do - they won't take lighting and color casts into consideration, won't edit out cords and glaring glass, and they won't spot sneaky hidden clutter and flaws or use their experience and skill to highlight the best features of your listing property. Neither smartphones nor top of the line point and shoot cameras have true wide angle capabilities, which means that while you might be attempting to capture a spacious bedroom, you get little more in your photo than the bed or couch. Your clients will not be wowed into viewing, much less purchasing, a property because they saw a crooked photo of a bed in a cluttered room with poor lighting.


What do you get from a professional?

My sessions include an initial walk through to discuss which rooms, architectural details, and small finishing touches you want to have highly featured. I pay great attention to detail, remove clutter and minimize flaws wherever possible, shoot multiple angles of every room and of the exterior of the property, and then I select the best images to finish with professional editing and distortion correction. For an additional fee, I will stay or return to capture beautiful twilight photography of the property at sunset -- a must-have for any high end listing. Turnaround time is typically 2-3 business days; expedited and weekend turnarounds are available for a rush fee (see below).


For your convenience, please ensure that your properties are clean, organized, and ready to be photographed.

During a real estate photo shoot, it is often necessary to move furniture or clear clutter before I photograph. I am extremely careful (and insured) and I attempt to place these items back where I found them.

There is no additional charge for having to do this.

If I have been asked to photograph a home and I must clean up beyond moving nicknacks or a few toiletries - such as making beds, clearing unsightly food items, dishes, dish drainers, etc. from counters, removing trash from a room, wiping down bathroom sinks or mirrors - there will be a $50 Clean-Up Fee added to your invoice. If I have straightened up a space in this way, I will not spend time trying to return these types of things as I found them. Please understand, my time is limited and my responsibility is to photograph a property looking as clean and impersonal as possible so that potential buyers or renters can envision themselves and their own belongings in the space.

If a property can not easily be tidied for photographs, I will give my client the option to proceed as is, or to reschedule after the property has been properly cleaned and prepared. Any time photography is rescheduled after I have already arrived at the property, the client is subject to the Reschedule Without Notice Fee ($75) and any applicable Travel Fees in addition to the cost of the rescheduled photo shoot.

Pricing (per sq ft)

Up to 1250 sq ft....................$175

Up to 20 hi-res print and web ready photos

Additional photos (beyond 25) $5 each

Add-on twilight photography for $75

1250 to 2499 sq ft....................$225

Up to 25 hi-res print and web ready photos

Additional photos (beyond 25) $5 each

Add-on twilight photography for $75


2500 - 3999 sq ft...................$300

Up to 30 hi-res print and web ready photo

Additional photos (beyond 30) $5 each

Add-on twilight photography for $75


4000 - 6500 sq ft...................$375

Up to 35 hi-res print and web ready photo

Additional photos (beyond 35) $5 each

Add-on twilight photography for $75


Add-ons and Fees

Exterior Re-shoot...................$75 (per building/amenity)

Twilight Photography (1-3 twilight exteriors)...................$75 (per building/amenity)

Travel greater than 30 miles one-way...................$1/mile

Amenities (pool, gym, clubhouse, etc.)...................$50 per featured amenity

Nearby community features...................$50-$100 based on travel needed to obtain images of various features

Turnaround Rush/Weekend Fee...................$75 

Clean-up fee...................$50

Cancel/Reschedule with less than 24 hour notice...................$50                            

No-show/Cancel/Reschedule without notice (after 15 minute courtesy wait)...................$75 plus travel fee if applicable (see above)


All rates apply to single family homes and condominiums. Additional apartments, basements, attics, garages, etc. which were not included in the square footage listed will require a custom add-on fee if images are requested for those spaces. Multi family homes, apartments, or larger properties featuring barns, cottages, workshops, pool houses, ponds or other features may require a custom quote or a custom add-on fee.

Rates are subject to change at any time.